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 Why choose an Electronic Verification and what can it be useful for?

All the top Mag Flow meter manufacturers have a hardware tool and/or software tool to complete this diagnostic test (not all manufacturers have Electronic Verification tools). 

Its function is to simulate parameters to check that the meter under test is functioning within a tolerance to when it left the factory. Some call it a ‘fingerprint’ test. Some customers use an Electronic Verification as a yearly maintenance tool to check on whether their flow meter is slowly drifting over time, or being compromised by water/outside elements.

Electronic Verification of Flow Meter Outputs 

It’s not always possible to complete a ‘flow through’ verification on site where you are checking your installed meter against a calibrated Ultrasonic Flow meter, for example; your pipework maybe buried underground along with the flow sensor, or there might not be any room to attach a clamp-on flow meter on your exposed pipework due to valves, being either in the way or too close to the point of test.

The test equipment/software tests a range of parameters, some are listed below:





The results are then compared to the factory test results. A meter will either pass or fail depending on how it performs under test. Once completed, an Electronic Verification Certificate can be generated. This can in some cases be used as proof of accuracy under local, District and Regional Council consent meters but not in all cases (touch base with your local authority to find out, before you contact NZFLOW).

NZFLOW service staff are trained to use these tools and will guide you through the process from start to finish and provide you with a certificate once completed. 

Pulse and Current

Transmitter Gain

Linearity and Zero point tests

Insulation Resistance of the cables, coils, electrodes

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