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All around your production plants you will see Mag Flow Meters. Some will be used within production or manufacturing areas and some will be part of your extensive services network mainly on water and "Trade Waste".

Not all of these meters have to be verified to meet Regional Council Consent Standards but there are key installations that you have to check routinely to meet these government guidelines. As a trained Instrumentation engineering organisation, we can assist in helping you meet these standards by using our extensive industry knowledge and experience along with certified and calibrated tools to get the job done right the first time and to the high standard you would expect from a specialised Verification Service Provider.

Flow validation is another service we offer. We can complete logged flow assessments of key parts of your water network to check for losses, leaks and inefficiencies. A flow report can then be generated with time stamped data logged points which you compare with scada readings to not only validate your installed meters but to check where the water is going in un metered areas of the plant.

Your regional council consenting water meters need to be compliant which means making sure you are recording what you using and that you are not using too much! The main part of this system is the flow meter! Having the right meter for the job is a good start but also testing that meter is what enables you to keep using the well for production! A flow meter verification is an area we specialise in and can walk you through the process to ensure minimal disruption is caused to your facility. All paperwork is filed with regional council and a reminder is set up for when the next test is due which gives you peace of mind!

Routine servicing is one of our strengths. Using an electronic verification tool* we can take baseline readings of every flow meter on plant and monitor on a yearly basis to check that the installed asset is not slowly drifting into failure. A failed flow meter could mean lost production time so having a window into the health of your meters annually helps fix issues before they fail.

* Not all manufacturers have Electronic Verification tools. Call for more info.

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