We know compliance can be a big headache for farmers​

NZFlow expert flow meter advice for irrigation

We are here to make the process simple for you!

As a farmer, you are experts in what you do and to ensure you stay operational and compliant you need the right tools for the job. Compliance can be a big headache and something you wish you never needed to worry about but as we all know, it is something we all have to abide by and is not going to change.

Your water consents are fundamental to your business and allow you make it rain at the push of a button. The guidelines are set and managed by the regional council, monitored by data companies and maintained by third-party businesses which are where NZ Flow fits into the picture.

Our speciality is with water flow and the equipment used to convert the pumped groundwater into a reading that is easy to understand and help maintain compliance with regard to your consents. Our aim is to shed some light onto this topic and give you more understanding and control as to what flow meters get installed on your property, through education and choice along with the experience to back it up down the track.

NZFLOW will consult with you to get the right meter for the job, help with the installation, connect to the installed telemetry device, and verify that it is within the regional council guidelines. If you require a logger, we can help with that too!

Other service providers you use will be able to supply and install a flow meter but it’s good to remember that this is not their speciality but simply an add-on! It's better to get it done right first time with the right meter and a company that specialises in this area right? How many times have you had an issue with a flow meter or logger? Are you happy with the service provided? At NZ Flow, our primary focus is on customer service and making sure that you the customer are properly informed, communicated with and looked after. 

Here is how we can help:​

Consultation on what meter is right for you. Not aligned to any brand so we can provide up to date information on the options available from any manufacturer

Supply you with a flow meter that is fit for purpose. If it is urgent, we can find a different brand of similar quality to get the job done! Supply you with a datalogger/telemetry device for compliance. Whether it’s on a radio network or cellular network we have quality options available.

Installation and Connection. Our staff are the only company in the irrigation industry to have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Flow meter Verification. We use the best quality test equipment to verify that your asset is operating as it should be. The verification process requires the pump to be running and for the system to be pressurised. All certificates are passed onto regional council on your behalf but if the meter does happen to fail then your in the best hands to get it operating as it should be!

Servicing And Faults

We work with all of the flow meter brands out there in the industry. Have you noticed moisture under the display of your flow meter display? Is your display sat at zero with the pump running? Do you have a flow on the display but no data on your web browser? Does your data match the expected flow rate or what is displayed on the flow meter? Have you had a non-compliance letter from your regional council for no flow data?​

These are just a few examples of issues with flow/telemetry devices out there but whatever issue you are experiencing, we can help!​

Steve Beek | NZFLOW
NZ Flow Ltd.