Make sure your equipment is up to spec and reliable under pressure​

NZFlow Municipal Water and Waste

When offering a service to the general public it is important to make sure the equipment you install is up to spec and is reliable under pressure! Water metering is a crucial and necessary part of your network and needs to be installed and verified to manufacturers standards to ensure the meter performs for its intended purpose and stays operational for its specified lifetime!

With this in mind, it is important to make sure that a suitably qualified and unbiased contractor is employed to verify that each installation is as it should be and is verified using certified and calibrated tools.

NZFLOW can assist you with initial "Installation Verification" advice and consultancy services along with an actual flow test using a "Clamp-on Flowmeter" or by volumetric assessment to suction tank or wet well. Further down the track our staff are trained to complete Electronic Verification using hand-held electronic verification tools specific to the manufacturer* and also connect to the newest range of flow meters which use "On-board Verification".

If you have meters coming up for install and require some expert installation advice or you have an installed meter that needs a verification, then just give us a call!

*Not all manufacturers have Electronic Verification tools. Call for more info. 

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