Looking for a fit for purpose flow meter?​


With so many different ways to achieve the same or similar result, it can be hard to know which Flow meter to use. Most suppliers have their favoured type or brand of Flow meter, which might not always be the best solution for your application.

You may think you have the best of the best installed, which is often not true. The Flow Meter may have cost you a small fortune, when you might only need a basic meter!

There are a lot of brands to choose from, adding even more doubt as to whether you chose the right one for your job. At NZFLOW, we’re not aligned to one brand. We have knowledge of and experience with many of the top Flow meter manufacturers around the world and have close relationships with all Flow meter brands used in New Zealand.


Magflow meters are by far the most widely used flow meter type across all industries. They have no moving parts and come in a full spectrum of sizes - e.g. from 25mm to 2000mm.

Other flow meter types

Mechanical, Turbine & Paddle Wheel​ Flow Meters

A great option for measuring water flow if you’re on a budget.

Totaliser display plus flow rate display (digital or mechanical)

Spare internal parts can be available when the meter fails

Pulse output options available via a magnetic reader and cable,
which can feed into a manual or telemetry logger

Not a good option if sand or debris is carried by medium being pumped,
as can damage/wear the internal moving parts​

Fixed Install Ultrasonic Flow Meters

No cutting into pipe required, as transducers fix to the outside of the pipe

A cost-effective option on larger pipes (>400mm)

Not affected by electrical noise

Need more straight pipe diameters than Magflow meter—important to get expert advice before ordering

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